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CSI Fiction Recommendations' Journal
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Date:2002-11-11 17:13

Hi all, just wanted to introduce myself. My name's Tobias Charity; I'm a writer in the Law & Order and West Wing fandoms. I've got a few CSI fics in progress but due to a massive load of pre-holiday schoolwork, those have all been put on the back burner. I'm a slash fan (girlslash, boyslash, whatevah!), so most of my recs will be slash fics.

So for now, a fic rec:

Title: Canada
Author: Emily Brunson
Warnings: An angsty Nick and it is boyslash so...
Summary: In the aftermath of "Stalker", Nick has trouble coping and takes off for the northern regions, and Grissom goes after him.
Reasons for reccomendation: This was the first CSI slash fic I ever read, so I might be biased but: I love this story because of the way Em characterizes both Nick and Gil. Nick is hurt, still reeling from being violated so horribly by Crane in "Stalker", and Grissom is trying to patch things up but not really understanding no matter how hard he tries. It's such a great relationship-progression fic, as well; Grissom goes from boss to friend to good friend to lover in fifteen chapters, and it's just amazing the way she segues all of the facets of their relationship together. (There is also a much nastier version of Canada, called "Hell" and can be found on Em's page.)
Where to find it:http://www.ebrunson.com/janissa/

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Date:2002-09-04 14:46
Subject:Three Strands of Hair

I found some coffee in the back of my cupboard, so while I was having my daily cup of (gourmet instant) coffee, I decided to read a CSI fic or two. With that in mind, I went to the archive for Grissom/Sara stories, and began working my way backwards from "Z" until I found a title that just screamed out at me and that I hadn't read before.

Title of Fic: Three Strands of Hair
Author: Michelle Birkby
Warnings: None (although in my opinion there's a hint of creepiness)
Hosting Archive: GrissomandSara.com
Summary: Three strands of hair is all it takes to unravel the mystery.

Reasons for Recommendation:
The story was odd. I like the ideas presented, and the way Grissom doesn't necessarily stalk Sara, but at the same time does precisely that has me creeped out. I can definitely see such interaction between them, though. The story rings very true, character-wise.

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Date:2002-08-09 17:19
Subject:A few new

Since I have a few I thought I'd recommend a few.

Surface Tension by Yuuki Miyaka

It doesn't matter that the author's a pal, b/c I fell in love with this story before I knew her. The story is totally different from anything else I've read, and just so well crafted. This is what you get when you "think outside the box" in fic.

Superheroes by Michmak

This one escaped my peripheral vision at ff.net until recently. Its always nice to see the characters in a slightly different situation from work, home, work, home; if they stay in character, it adds to the potential for an interesting plot, and that's certainly true here. "Superheroes" is a S/N friendship piece, with a little G/S angst thrown in for good measure. What's best is that Sara does something she should have done along time ago....

Chasing Life by Blaze

Despite evidence to the contrary, at heart i'm a hopeless romantic, and this story fits the bill quite nicely. Granted, the author puts Sara in danger to get to the good stuff, but Blaze impresses me by not going overboard with it or making Sara all weepy. An enjoyable, juicy, read.

Happy Fic-ing!

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Date:2002-07-23 15:56
Subject:More recommendations

Well, I let things go for a while, since I'm trying to deal with my own life, but I thought I'd finally actually post a recommendation of my own. However, I've discovered that I just can't handle it the way that cappuccinogirl and dindin have. Instead of posting many recommendations at once each month, I'm going to post mine whenever I come across one or two. I'm using the same layout that I do in my private fiction recommendation journal, for those people who are interested.

Title of Fic: Castles on the Beach
Author: Cappuccino Girl
Warnings: sex, femslash, language.
Hosting Archive: Cappuccino Girl Online
Summary: "Catherine's pretty, and Catherine's smart, and you're sure her castles never got destroyed."

Reasons for Recommendation:
I've never been particularly fond of Catherine's character on CSI. She always seemed a bit to strong-minded and quick-to-act, a little too harsh and sandpaper rough. Be that as it may, this fic made me see her in a different light.

Written from Sara's point of view, it portrays an unusual relationship . . . Sara pining after an unwitting Catherine. I've never seen this done before (though I'm certain there must be a following out there), and I was very impressed. The writing was good, and while the pairing is not my favorite, I truly enjoyed the story.

Title of Fic: Middle of the Ocean
Author: WashDCChick
Warnings: angst, backstory
Hosting Archive: Fanfiction.net
Summary: Something's coming between Grissom and Sara.

Reasons for Recommendation:
The story is well-written, and I was really impressed with the dialogue. Some of the statements were so perfectly obvious that they impressed me. It's rare to see fanfiction characters with such human imperfections to them. Beyond that, I must admit that I really liked the backstory. It seemed appropriate, given my understanding of the characters. And both Grissom and Sara were well in character.

I was also impressed with the sex scene in the story. It was well-written, and wasn't smut. It fit the rest of the story very well, romantic and silent, just perfect for the tone WashDCChick set.

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Date:2002-07-17 16:48
Subject:Playing Catch Up

Ok, well, since CappucinoGirl has set the tone by posting her faves, i'll do the same.

Going way back, this one of the first fics I read, and definitely the one that sparked my interest in CSI fanfic at all.

All in War with Time by AllthingsMSR and SorchaMise

As a general rule i'm skeptical of fics where something happens to Sara, but this one is written with such obvious love for and knowledge of the characters that I like it because of what happens, rather than in spite of it. The author never gets out of character and has a real flair for humor and angst; something I aspire to.

The Better Claim by EOlivet

You want angst? I mean do you really, truly want angst? The kind of angst that just tears you up inside without ever resorting to cheap tactics or cliches? This is your fic: a truly great fic amongst great fics. Just don't say I didn't warn you.

Stealing Signs by EOlivet

I can't say enough about this piece. If you're a stickler for the plot or situation being something that would absolutely happen on the show, why are you reading fanfic? Seriously, though, the interaction between the characters is chock-full of dead-on vibey UST.

Here's where this gets ugly. Midnight Caller is one of the best, along with one of the most prolific Grissom/Sara authors around. Her PG is as good as her NC-17 which makes it so difficult to choose one of her stories as my favorite. So I'm going to pick three. *ducks*

Truth Serum - There's nothing funnier.

Splendor in the Grass - Except maybe this one.

Solarization - Gorgeous descriptions. Tons of UST.

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Date:2002-07-16 15:59
Subject:New Community
Mood: accomplished

So a while back, cappuccinogirl and I came up with the idea for a community where people could recommend their favorite CSI fanfiction on LJ. This is that idea come to life.

We haven't taken much time to come up with a specific format for posting recommendations, but we do know that we are not welcoming posting the actual fic. For members, please do not post a fic in full, even if you use lj-cut to snip it from the main page. This is not kosher with us.


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